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Cycling Australia (CA) is the National Body for the sport of cycling in Australia as recognised by the International Cycling Union (UCI), the Australian Government (Australian Sports Commission and Australian Institute of Sport), the Australian Olympic Committee, Commonwealth Games Australia and the Australian Paralympic Committee.

CA is responsible for the management and development of the sport from the national team at the elite level, including Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games, through to grass roots’ community level participation.

The organisation is structured across the areas of High Performance, Commercial, Participation & Membership, Sport, Communications, and Corporate Services including finance & administration and information technology

The focus of the Australian Cycling Team is to support CA’s Vision of becoming the World’s Leading Cycling Nation and the Australian Cycling Team’s contribution to this vision will be measured by Olympic and Paralympic Gold medals in 2020 and 2024. This role is a key component to ensure we are leaders, and we maximise our chances of meeting these objectives.

Description of Role

Provide support to athletes in the Australian Cycling Team during periods of training and competition both within Australia and overseas, with a particular emphasis on camp, competition support.

The Athlete Carer will be required to provide support to Australian Cycling Team programs in the areas of massage, first aid, recovery, nutrition and logistics support.

It is the Athlete Carer’s role to ensure the athlete’s potential to train and race is maximised, and to assist in injury and illness management as required, under the direction and guidance of the Australian Cycling Team medical and physiotherapy staff. This includes: pre and post event massage; facilitation and supervision of other recovery modalities; assistance in preparation of training and competition nutrition (including ordering and purchasing); and assistance in arranging and accompanying athletes to medical appointments as required. 

The Athlete Carer will also be responsible for ensuring a hygienic training and racing environment; contributing to preventative health measures; assisting with transport and logistics of athletes and performance support staff; assisting with liaison with insurance companies and their representatives to ensure appropriate athlete care; and assisting in the smooth running of fast paced and hectic training and competition days. Contributing to athlete availability within an evidence-based framework is a key component of this role.

Essential Requirements: 

  • Formal qualifications in massage therapy, Diploma of Remedial Massage or above preferred, and accreditation with an appropriate professional body (Massage & Myotherapy Australia, Association of Massage Therapists, Myotherapy Association Australia or Australian Natural Therapies Association).
  • Minimum of 2-years massage experience working with elite athletes in team environments, preferably at a national or international level. Current Level 1 or above Sports Medicine Australia Sports Trainer accreditation.
  • Current Provide First Aid (HLTAID003) and CPR certificate.
  • Appropriate Working with Children Check.
  • Ability to travel and work overseas for extended periods of time.
  • UCI International Licence.
  • International Driver’s licence.
  • Current passport and ability to travel freely internationally.
  • Comply with professional codes of conduct, ethics, and confidentiality.
  • Use hygienic practices for food safety training (TafeSA).

Essential Skills:

  • Ability to work cohesively as part of a multidisciplinary team, and in a timely manner
  • Ability to work unsupervised and make good decisions under pressure.
  • Competent and safe driver in manual and automatic transmission vehicles, including oversized vans and able to tow trailers. Be prepared to drive for safe extended periods in all types of traffic and conditions. Athlete Carers are expected to travel independently and navigate their way to events, hotels and to race feed zones. Note: vehicles travel on the right-hand side of the road in Europe and America.
  • Understand current UCI / WADA / CA / ASC Anti-doping policies and procedures and help promote  safe, legal and drug-free Australian Cycling Team programs.
  • Demonstrate confidence and initiative when presented with problems. Athlete Carers will often have to operate in environments with limited knowledge of the local language – carrying out tasks and solving problems on the run.
  • Experience managing acute, traumatic and chronic injuries, within an individual’s level of training and scope of practice, including those requiring referral to medical and physiotherapy services, open wounds, fractures, sprains, dislocations etc.
  • Experience managing acute illness within an individual’s level of training and scope of practice, in consultation with the team medical officer.
  • Familiarity with typical sports medical/first aid kit contents and their use.
  • Familiarity with nutrition practices in the context of high performance sport, including applying appropriate food safety practices.

Primary Job Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Provide general care support to Australian Cycling Team athletes when requested to do so by the Athlete Health Lead and senior coaches, in conjunction with other physical therapy and performance support staff.
  • Provide appropriate, individualised track and roadside assistance to athletes in training and competition environments, including assistance with clothing, personal equipment, race numbers, and nutrition, in order for athletes to perform at their best.
  • Facilitate effective “recovery strategies” with athletes after events (massage, nutrition, hygiene, injury management, vehicle travel needs, hotel preparation, and other).
  • Order, purchase, prepare and deliver appropriate nutrition and hydration to athletes in training and racing conditions, in close consultation with the sport nutritionist, including main meals where indicated e.g. in camp and competition environments.
  • Monitor and maintain physical therapy treatment and athlete carer supplies including ordering and replacing consumables, laundry, etc.
  • Provide immediate first aid to athletes when needed and refer to appropriate medical and physical therapy staff when required.
  • Lead camp and competition planning and packing requirements within the Athlete Carer domain, in consultation with relevant support staff.
  • Manage and maintain servicing of the recovery centre in Adelaide including daily testing of water quality, maintenance of a clean and safe environment and communication with external servicing contractors.
  • Maintain a high level of hygiene in all nutritional and athlete service environments. This may include sourcing and facilitation and performance of laundry services in camp and competition environments.
  • Provide monthly reports to the National Discipline Senior Coach and the Athlete Health Lead outlining treatments provided to the cyclists as they relate to injury status.
  • Support the National Discipline Senior Coaches’ overall training and competition philosophies.
  • Liaise with airline, transport and accommodation providers to facilitate required services.
  • Assist maintain Australian Cycling Team on and off bike clothing issue and stock.
  • Other duties where required at the discretion of the Athlete Health Lead, Head Discipline Coaches, Performance Director and General Manager – Australian Cycling Team.

Issues and Challenges:

  • Identify and implement appropriate massage techniques for enhancing recovery and increasing resistance to injury, in consultation with the Athlete Health Lead and other performance support staff.
  • Maintain an awareness of new developments in massage techniques as they may relate to cycling.
  • Develop a professional relationship with athletes, coaches and other performance support staff.
  • Work effectively within a small team of performance support staff (physiology, biomechanics, physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, psychology, medicine) all focused on improving the performance outcomes of the Australian Cycling Team cyclists to become more competitive.  Allow others with greater expertise to address specific issues as they arise by consulting with, and referring to other performance support staff.
  • Quickly adapt to new environments and prioritise workload.
  • Work within tight time lines and limited budgets.

Decision Making and Accountability:

  • The Athlete Carer reports directly to the respective National Senior Coach, Athlete Health Lead, Performance Director and General Manager – Australian Cycling Team.
  • It is important that the Athlete Carer recognises the limits to their professional expertise and refers specific issues to the coach for further follow-up with a doctor, nutritionist/dietitian, physiotherapist, physiologist, psychologist, or other appropriate performance support staff.
  • Have a very basic understanding of vehicle operation (tyre pressures, refuelling, oil checks, light checks etc).
  • The ability to function effectively as part of a team in a variety of staff living / working environments including hotels and accommodation provided by event organisers.
  • Good communication skills and ability to relate to athletes and staff.

Performance behaviours

  • Passion for excellence and strong desire to excel
  • Solution focused
  • Calm under pressure
  • Creative and an independent problem solver
  • Resolve issues quickly and professionally
  • Seek continuous improvement of themselves and seek new knowledge and know how
  • Open-minded and able to contribute to and facilitate the free flow of information and ideas throughout the greater support staff network
  • Ability to speak a foreign language (e.g. Italian, French, Spanish).
  • Understanding and have an interest in competitive Cycling
  • Commitment to continuous learning by actively identifying new areas for learning


  • Travel throughout Australia and internationally will be required.
  • Comply with all policies set down by Cycling Australia and ensure that they are implemented as appropriate

Employer and Other Details

Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted.

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